How to convert my bike to an e-bike?

TruckRun's M05 conversion kit series has been discontinued, and currently, new conversion kits are under development. For other series of ebike systems, we do not recommend DIY to avoid potential risks. For this reason, we would advise you to seek the help of a professional by getting in contact with a local bike shop. All the best!

How to buy an eBike with TruckRun system?

Many brands are currently using TruckRun systems, so on our official website, we have recommended some bicycles that utilize TruckRun products along with their purchase links. You can select your eBike with TruckRun systems here: Urbanite series for commuting, Zenith series for MTB, Maverick series for All-Terrain, Please note that due to confidentiality agreements, this is only a small selection of examples. Alternatively, you can purchase TruckRun motors/accessories from our Official Alibaba Store

How to solve technical problems with an eBike equipped with TRUCKRUN?

If you hare experiencing issues with your TruckRun equipped bike, the first port of call is to get in contact with the original seller of the bike as they are responsible for providing the service for the kit. If there are any replacement parts to resolve the issue, the seller will work with us directly for this.

How to purchase X part for my eBike system?

You can purchase TruckRun motors/accessories from our Official Alibaba Store

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 TruckRun eBike Systems will exhibit at Eurobike2024

TruckRun eBike Systems will exhibit at Eurobike2024

July 3~7.2024 Messe Frankfurt GmbH Fair Ground E8.0 G06