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Cycling in the city is not just transportation, but a lifestyle. The Urbanite Series bike kit empowers bicycle manufacturers to target the market and produce their own electric commuter bikes with ease. Our kit includes top-quality motors, smart IoT systems, user-friendly displays, reliable controllers, and high-performance batteries, enhancing production efficiency and meeting market demands. The TruckRun Urbanite drive system intuitively responds to riders' needs, delivering a smooth city ride. Experience the Urbanite Series bike kit for comfortable, quiet, and stable urban cycling, tailored to meet the demands of city commuting.

Urbanite Series: eBike Systems for Commuting.

Urbanite Series M03 Edition

Urbanite Series M06 Edition

Urbanite Series M03 Edition

Urbanite Series M03 Edition, riding comfortably and powerfully. The kit is equipped with the M03 mid-drive motor, which can be optionally paired with the ISIS shaft for quick and powerful responsiveness. It operates quietly and smoothly with the sprag clutch ensuring a stable and silent operation. The kit also features the CB01-X display screen, a 3.5-inch central LCD dot matrix screen, offering functions such as USB charging, auto-sensing headlights, and walk mode.

Urbanite Series M06 Edition

Urbanite Series M06 Edition, characterized by simplicity and purity, offers a cost-effective solution with a modular design for easy maintenance. It features the M06 mid-drive motor with a maximum torque of 95N.m. The package includes the CB03 display, a 1.6-inch left LCD brake code screen, supporting functions such as battery status monitoring and walk function.

What are the benefits of commuting by eBike?






Commuting by eBike allows you to bypass traffic congestion and reach your destination faster. It also eliminates the need for fuel expenses and reduces transportation costs compared to other modes of transportation.

Riding an eBike for commuting is a sustainable choice that helps reduce carbon emissions and air pollution. It contributes to a cleaner and greener environment.

Commuting by eBike provides a form of physical activity, helping you stay active and improve your fitness. It promotes cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles, and enhances overall well-being.

eBikes offer flexibility in choosing routes, allowing you to take shortcuts and avoid crowded areas. They also provide the convenience of easier parking and access to locations where cars may be restricted.

Incorporating eBike commuting into your daily routine can enhance your work-life balance. It provides an opportunity to start and end your day with physical activity, boosting energy levels and overall productivity.

Why we choose the solution of
Truckrun Commuter eBike

for Urban: M06

for Urban: M06 Specially Designed for Urban.Modular design.250W | 3.4 kg | 95N.m

Affordable: RW05

Affordable: RW05 Affordable hub motor, enabling more people to enjoy smart eBike riding. 350/500W | 3.5kg | 50N.m

Excellent Upgrade: M03

Excellent Upgrade: M03 City/Trekking/MTB | 250/350/500W | 3.3/3.6/3.8KG | 100/120/140N.m

Classic: M01

Classic: M01 City/Road/Trekking | 250/350/500W | 3.3/3.6/3.8KG | 100/120/140N.m

Easy and Simple

Easy and Simple Modular design, the controller adopts external assembly method, which is convenient and fast for installation and maintenance.

High Cost Performance

High Cost Performance Thanks to the excellent integrated design, M06 saves manufacturing costs, making it cheaper than motors with the same power, and consumers can get excellent experience with less money.

These TRUCKRUN motors are suitable for urban commuting

Partner Success Stories: Why Choose TRUCKRUN Ebike Systems

MagicMage. MOAO

The M09 from TRUCKRUN is a powerful motor that exudes a strong sense of muscle. I will never forget the envy in the eyes of others when I rode the demo ebike through the sandy beach.

MagicMage. MOAO

Ebike Vietnam

Truckrun Ebike, featuring the powerful mid-drive motor (M01) equipped with torque sensor technology, offers the smoothest riding experience. We invite you to experience Ebike Vietnam.

Ebike Vietnam

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 TruckRun eBike Systems will exhibit at Eurobike2024

TruckRun eBike Systems will exhibit at Eurobike2024

July 3~7.2024 Messe Frankfurt GmbH Fair Ground E8.0 G06