Many electric bicycles equipped with hub motor systems suffer from a significant drawback: the lack of an integrated torque sensor, relying solely on speed sensors. In contrast, electric bikes equipped with mid-drive motor systems generally come with torque sensors, providing a superior riding experience.

To address this issue, the industry often resorts to retrofitting central axle torque sensors. However, this approach requires additional frame drilling, making installation cumbersome and potentially compromising waterproofing. 

Therefore, many companies choose to use speed sensors. Speed sensors provide assistance based on the vehicle's speed, which means that the riding comfort is far less than that of torque sensors.

In response to this challenge, TRUCKRUN developed the built-in cassette torque sensor, offering an innovative solution for the electric bicycle market.This innovative sensor integrates directly into the hub motor using a unique cassette design. In the following sections, we will delve into two compelling reasons why choosing a hub motor built-in cassette torque sensor is becoming a popular choice in the electric bicycle market.

1.Easy Installation and Maintenance

The hub motor built-in cassette torque sensor seamlessly integrates into the hub motor without the need for complex modifications. Unlike other sensors, this streamlined installation process saves considerable time and effort, reducing installation-related concerns for cycling enthusiasts. Moreover, compared to central axle torque sensors, the cassette torque sensor requires minimal maintenance, ensuring your electric bike stays in top condition with little effort.

Furthermore, the cassette torque sensor's integrated design places it securely within the hub motor, offering better protection and reducing the likelihood of water infiltration compared to central axle torque sensors, which are situated near the pedals and the bottom of the frame.

2.Affordable Excellence

With a simpler structure and fewer components required, the hub motor built-in cassette torque sensor comes at a lower cost than central axle torque sensors. By simultaneously sensing torque and speed and transmitting real-time riding information to the motor, the cassette torque sensor ensures faster and more precise motor response. At a lower cost, you can achieve a riding experience comparable to mid-drive motor systems, far superior to one with only speed or cadence sensors. This has a two-fold positive effect:

a) Enhanced Response and Comfort: 

The hub motor built-in cassette torque sensor accurately senses the rider's shifting demands, enabling smoother and more natural gear transitions. This improvement in riding comfort reduces fatigue during extended rides, allowing you to enjoy each journey effortlessly. Particularly in scenarios that demand rapid acceleration, such as races or off-road adventures, the heightened motor sensitivity ensures a smoother and more exhilarating ride.

b) Energy Efficiency and Extended Battery Life: 

By utilizing the hub motor built-in cassette torque sensor, your electric bike's motor delivers appropriate power based on the rider's actual demands, avoiding unnecessary energy wastage. This intelligent energy control not only enhances riding efficiency but also extends the battery's lifespan, enabling you to savor long-distance rides with boundless enjoyment.

In conclusion, the hub motor built-in cassette torque sensor offers significant advantages to electric bicycles. Not only does it effectively resolve the issue of the hub motor system's lack of an integrated torque sensor, but it also elevates your e-bike's riding experience, approaching or even surpassing the performance of mid-drive motor systems. Since its introduction in 2019, the hub motor built-in cassette torque sensor has been implemented in various electric bike models, enhancing the riding experience and providing cycling enthusiasts with a more enjoyable and efficient journey.

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 TruckRun eBike Systems will exhibit at Eurobike2024

TruckRun eBike Systems will exhibit at Eurobike2024

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