As an electric bike (pedelec) motor manufacturer, many cyclists inquire about how to remove the speed limits on their e-bikes. This article will be divided into two parts. 1. What factors influence the speed of an e-bike? 2. Methods for unlocking the speed limits on various TRUCKRUN display screen models.

Removing the speed limit doesn't increase motor power: 

There are various reasons for wanting to remove an e-bike's speed limit, such as reaching your destination more quickly or meeting specific riding preferences. It's important to note that removing the speed limit doesn't provide additional power to the motor. Instead, it allows the motor to maintain power output even after the e-bike reaches a certain speed.

Rider and bike weight: 

The impact of weight on speed is undeniable. Heavier riders typically experience relatively slower speeds. To enhance your speed, consider minimizing the weight carried on the pedelec, which may include reducing luggage or cargo.

Motor power:

The size of the motor's power significantly determines the maximum speed. Higher-powered motors generally have a higher potential speed. For instance, a 100kg rider with a 250W motor can achieve speeds of up to 30 km/h with the speed limit removed, while a 350W motor can reach 35 km/h, a 500W motor can reach 42 km/h, and a 750W motor can reach 50 km/h.

Tire pressure and type: 

Proper tire pressure and tire type have a direct impact on riding speed. Ensure that your tire pressure is close to the upper limit specified on the tire, which can effectively enhance your riding speed. Narrow tires are generally faster than wide tires, and slick tires are faster than off-road tires.

Cyclist's physical condition:

The rider's physical fitness and riding posture also affect the e-bike's speed. Adopting the right riding posture and employing proper riding techniques can help increase speed. Lowering your body, wearing tight-fitting clothing, and reducing wind resistance can be effective in achieving higher speeds.

How to remove the speed limit for TRUCKRUN CA01, CB01, CB03, CC01, CC03, and E03 display screens?

Before proceeding, it's crucial to remember that safety is always a top priority. Removing the speed limit may introduce potential safety risks. Therefore, please adhere to local laws and regulations and only attempt to remove the speed limit on non-public roads or designated areas. If removing the speed limit results in a violation of any laws or regulations, and leads to adverse consequences, TRUCKRUN holds no responsibility for such actions. Therefore, please take additional safety measures, such as wearing a helmet, to ensure your safety and the safety of other road users. If you have any questions about your e-bike's performance or need technical support, please don't hesitate to contact us

How to change the speed limit of TRUCKRUN CA01?

  1. Shortly click “MODE”to enter speed limit setting.

  2. Click “+”to increase the speed limits and click”-”to reduce speed limit. Range of speed limit: 15kmh to 50Km/H(10-32Mile/H).

Download manual for more information: CA01 Manual.

How to change the speed limit of TRUCKRUN CB01?

1. In the state of starting up, the system into the parameter settings status of MENU when press“+”“-”2S at the same time. In this state can setting the parameter.

2. Then press “-”choose Speed limit,and press“i”move cursor choice and press “+”“—”to adjust speed, limit values. minimum is 12km/h, maximum is 60km/h.

Download manual for more information: CB01 Manual.

How to change the speed limit of TRUCKRUN CB03?

When the vehicle is powered on and at resting state, hold “DOWN”and “UP” to enter the setting screen. The speed position with characters blinking. Press MODE to enter the setting or viewing screen. Press the UP/DOWN key to adjust the parameter Settings, and press the MODE key to save the Settings and exit. Press the UP/DOWN key to enter the next function screen.

By enter the setting menu, "P2" is displayed in the speed position, Speed unit is metric, the speed limit number is displayed in the mileage position. Press 0.5S "MODE" to enter the speed limit setting interface, and press "UP/DOWN" to set speed limit. Press 0.5S "MODE" to exit setting , press 0.5S "UP" to enter the wheel size setting , or hold DOWN "UP" and "Down" to return to the main screen.

Download manual for more information: CB03 Manual.

How to change the speed limit of TRUCKRUN CC01?

1.Press and hold the power button to turn it on. In the power-on state, when the vehicle is stationary, press and hold the "+" and "-" buttons at the same time for more than 2 seconds, the instrument will enter the normal setting state. 

2.Then press "+" or "-" to select the "speed limit"  and then press "i" .

3.The speed limit range is 15-40 km/h, the default is 25 km/h. Press the +/- keys to increment and decrement the value to change the setting. Press the "i" key to save the modified settings. 

Download manual for more information: CC01 Manual.

How to change the speed limit of TRUCKRUN CC03?

  1. When the e-bike is parked and the system is on, simultaneously press the '+' and '–' buttons to enter the setting menu.

  2. Press "+" or "-" to select“Speed Limit”,then press "power"  to confirm this operation.

  3. Press '+' or '–' to select match limited speed, select and press finish setting, press '–' to select 'back' to go back to the previous menu, or press '+' and '–' to go back to the main menu.

Download manual for more information: CC03 Manual.

How to change the speed limit of TRUCKRUN E03?

When the Ebike is on and stationary, double-click "POWER"button to enter the setting interface. At this time, "P1" will be displayed in speed position and "1" in gear position. Short press "POWER" button to enter the setting interface. Short press "UP/DOWN" button to adjust the parameter settings, and short press "POWER" button to save the settings and exit. Short press the "UP/DOWN" button to enter the next function screen. 

The speed position shows “P2”,the gear position shows “2”,short press “POWER” button to enter into the setting option.,then the speed position shows “15-60”and blinking. Short press the “UP/DOWN”button to set the rate limiting value.Short press the “POWER”button to save the Settings and exit the current Settings.

Short press “UP”button to enter the wheel diameter setting screen, or double-click "POWER"button to return to the main interface

Download manual for more information: E03 Manual.

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