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New product
TM01 Middle Drive System

TM01, The mid drive system as the core product of W+ series, with M01 motor and through the improvement of mechanical performance of the product and the vector controller, plus the application of the torque sensor, the TM01 can more delicately and sensitively sense the riding speed and scene requirements, grasp the supply of auxiliary force, and bring the user a natural and smooth riding experience.

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Product concept


Redefining the mechanics relationship with the cyclist, delicately and naturally grasping the supply of auxiliary forces, makes people become the soul of the bicycle.


Different from other smart motors, the collocation of the upgradeable system and the structure of the product's intelligent system, which greatly improves the intelligent core capabilities and makes this product more user-friendly.


With rigorous scientific calculations and thousands of cycling tests, we guarantee that you have the perfect experience.

Product concept


Innovation and Development

Innovation as the soul of Truckrun company, we are market-oriented and based on customer needs, to develop the most suitable motor products for power riding.

Supply Chain Management

Truckrun has China's first-class supply chain management level and experience, and takes the role of Tesla and other automotive fields as an example to select suppliers from the requirements of industry standards.

Cost Control

Better than the industry average cost control, Truckrun can reduce the cost control by more than 13% compared with the industry counterparts.

Quality Control

The perfect quality control system, from the laboratory to the site, throughout the entire quality system can make Truckrun Motor maintain a high level of stability in terms of quality.

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