Modifying your e-bike can improve its performance, make it more comfortable, and tailor it to your needs. This guide will cover the basics of adding a throttle, upgrading the display, and enhancing the motor.

Notice: TruckRun does not endorse modifying eBikes and does NOT sell parts for modifications. This article is for informational purposes only. You will learn why you might want to modify your e-bike, the feasibility of doing so, the steps involved, and the components required.

Why Modify an E-Bike?

Ruined Original Parts:

If your e-bike’s original parts are damaged and replacements aren’t available, you might need to use compatible parts from other sources.

Desire for Higher Speed:

Upgrading to a more powerful motor can increase your e-bike's speed. This might change its classification. For example, in the U.S., it could become a Class 3 e-bike, and in Europe, it might be classified as an e-pedelec. Always follow local laws regarding e-bike speeds and classifications.

Better Display: 

Some riders prefer simple displays like the E03, which combines buttons and display in a compact unit. Others might like more advanced displays like the CC05, which has a horizontal color screen and can connect to the Truckrun app for detailed ride information and customization. Upgrading your display can make your ride more enjoyable and informative.

Adding a Throttle: 

A throttle allows for quick starts from a stop, useful at busy intersections. It’s also helpful for riders with knee problems or mobility issues because it reduces the need to pedal. However, adding a throttle will change the legal classification of your e-bike, so check your local laws.

Is Modification Feasible?

Modifying an e-bike is possible but comes with challenges:


Modifying your e-bike will likely void its warranty. Manufacturers typically don’t cover damage or issues resulting from modifications. It’s best to wait until your warranty period is over before making any changes.

Limited Service Availability: 

Professional e-bike modification services are rare, and technical information is often limited. You’ll likely need to rely on DIY methods and seek help from online e-bike communities. These communities can be a great resource for advice and troubleshooting, but be prepared to learn and experiment.

Risk of Damage and Injury: 

Incorrect modifications can lead to problems like short circuits, which can damage your e-bike or cause personal injury. Approach modifications with caution and understand the process and potential risks involved.

Steps and Materials Required for Modification

Modifying the Mid-Drive Motor:

This is one of the more challenging tasks. Mid-drive motors are mounted on the bike frame with specific brackets. Each motor model typically needs a unique mounting bracket designed to fit a particular frame. Unless you use a specialized conversion kit, you’ll need a frame and motor that are compatible. 

Modifying the Hub Motor:

Modifying a hub motor is generally easier. Ensure that the new motor's mounting method (cassette or freewheel) matches your current setup. Also, the motor's Over Locknut Dimension (OLD) must match your bike's frame to ensure a proper fit.

Upgrading the Display:

E-bike displays communicate with the motor and other components using specific protocols, mainly CAN and UART. When upgrading, ensure the new display supports the same protocol as your original display. Some displays support both protocols, but others are limited to one. Compatibility is essential for the new display to work correctly.

Adding a Throttle:

For Mid-Drive Motor E-Bikes: You’ll need a throttle and an extra wire to connect it to the appropriate port on the mid-drive motor.

For Hub Motor E-Bikes: Similarly, you’ll need a throttle and a wire, but this wire connects directly to the controller.


Modifying your e-bike can provide numerous benefits, from replacing damaged parts to improving performance and customizing your ride. 

However, be aware of the challenges and risks, such as voiding your warranty and the potential for damage or injury. Ensure that any modifications comply with local laws. If you decide to proceed, gather all necessary materials, seek advice from experienced sources, and approach the project with care. With the right preparation and knowledge, you can successfully modify your e-bike to better suit your needs.

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