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In the framework of the European Union, the power of pedelec motors is limited to 250W. However, in other countries and regions, there are still performance beasts equipped with high-power mid-drive motors or hub motors. These eBikes can still be used for pedal-assist cycling and are better suited for tackling challenging terrains.

I. eBikes Powered by TruckRun M09

M09 has rated powers of 750W/1000W/1200W, reaching a staggering maximum torque of 220N.m. Every rider who has experienced a ride with an M09-equipped bike marvels at the impressive performance of this motor. 

Specifically designed for mountain and all-terrain ebikes, this motor effortlessly navigates rough terrains, whether it's rugged slopes, snowy paths, or sandy beaches. Let's take a look at some ebikes equipped with this high-performance pedelec motor. 

It's important to note that only a few are listed here, as some well-known bike companies use their own branding, which we cannot disclose due to commercial agreements.

1. 4LEAF ULTRA gen2

Ultra gen2 is designed and manufactured by 4LEAF, a cutting-edge yet powerful Chinese OEM manufacturer. This ebike comes equipped luxuriously and integrates an IoT system, making it convenient to access all functions of the TRUCKRUN Smart System. The Ultra gen2 comes in both basic and advanced versions, with various color options available for selection.

Through this live demonstration video, you can experience the power of the TruckRun M09 mid-drive motor. Equipped with the M09, the Ultra reaches a maximum pedal-assisted speed of 37mph , delivering a smooth and natural riding experience.

Technical Specifications of 4Leaf Ultra Gen2

  • ePowered by TRUCKRUN M09 motor 1000/1200w

  • TRUCKRUN Smart Riding: OTA/GPS and Navigation Feature

  • Carbon frame & AL rear triangle

  • Fingerprint Lock feature

  • Integrated Display Screen

  • Battery Specification:48V, 20AH.

  • Full Suspension

  • Available in basic and premium versions

2. Eunorau Flash

"Flash" is a retro-styled electric bicycle with the main highlight being its exceptional range, attributed to its incredible setup of three batteries. According to EUNORAU, it boasts an impressive maximum range of up to 220 miles! This is particularly favorable for delivery personnel or individuals who frequently embark on long-distance travels.

Technical Specifications of Eunorau Flash

  • ePowered by TRUCKRUN M09 motor 1000

  • The Longest Range E-bike: The FLASH electric bicycle comes with three battery options. It is said to achieve a range of 220 miles (354 km) on pedal assist

  • Full Suspension

  • "EUNORAU GO" App: alorie tracking, trip records, social networking and OTA updates.

  • Retro motorcycle styling and comfortable seat cushion

3. Eshion TDA21L

Eshion TDA21L is a full-suspension e-bike with distinctive paintwork, outstanding off-road capability, and excellent value for money, making it highly appealing.

Technical Specifications of Eshion TDA21L

  • ePowered by TRUCKRUN M09 motor 1000/1200W

  • Full Suspension

  • Battery Specification:48V, 17.5AH.

Eshion TDA21L appears as the flagship model representing the M09 in our Marverick series promotional video, symbolizing the spirit of challenging extreme terrains and pushing speed limits within this series.

II. eBikes Powered by TruckRun RW29

RW29 is a high-power hub motor specially designed by TRUCKRUN for All-Terrain Ebike.  The RW29 is rated at 1000/1200/1500W, with a maximum torque of 90 N.m. Provide rapid acceleration for the ebike.

1. Aostrimotor King

The Aostrimotor King e-bike comes at an affordable price but can reach a top speed of 30 miles per hour. It's equipped with wide tires suitable for navigating complex terrain, providing excellent cross-country capability for outdoor adventures in the countryside. The horizontal color display screen is also pretty cool.

But it's worth noting that its battery capacity is 15Ah, and the official claim suggests a theoretical range of only 35 miles.

Technical Specifications of Aostrimotor King 

  • ePowered by TRUCKRUN RW29 motor 1000W

  • Battery Specification:52V, 15AH.

  • Multifunction Display

2. Eahora X7 Special 2023

The Eahora X7 Special 2023 is a charming and sophisticated folding bike, continuing the legacy of the X7 series for several years. The 2023 edition is specially equipped with the TRUCKRUN RW29, a 1000W hub motor that increases its climbing ability by 10% compared to previous models. It uniquely combines practicality, efficiency, and sporty handling.

Technical Specifications of Eahora X7 Special 2023

  • ePowered by TRUCKRUN RW29 motor 1000W

  • Upgraded loading system cargo rack can carry 55lbs

  • Battery Specification:48V 17.5Ah

III. eBikes Powered by TruckRun RW11

RW11 has a rated power of 750W, a maximum torque of 80N.m, and an optional integrated wheel version. It is a hub motor specially designed for fat tire bicycles.

Fission Cycles fm750x

Equipped with all-terrain capabilities and rugged construction, the FM 750x effortlessly conquers challenging terrains, from muddy trails to dense undergrowth. The electric motor provides a burst of power when you need it most, allowing you to effortlessly traverse inclines and cover more ground in less time.

A video by

Our partner Fission Cycles also participated in the (e)revolution electric bike show held in Denver, Colorado in June 2023. interviewed them, and the FM 750x was also on display. One interesting thing about the TruckRun RW11 motor is that, although it has a rated power of 750 watts, it can be overclocked to 1000 watts like a CPU! Let's take a look at the interview video below!

Technical Specifications of Fission Cycles fm750x

  • ePowered by TRUCKRUN RW29 motor 750W

  • Battery Specification: LG 48V/ 20 AH

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 TruckRun eBike Systems will exhibit at ChinaCycle2024

TruckRun eBike Systems will exhibit at ChinaCycle2024

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