In early May, Shanghai was shrouded in a mild mist, creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. At the 32nd ChinaCycle International Bicycle Exhibition held in the Shanghai New International Expo Center, the booth of TRUCKRUN Motor Co., Ltd. attracted a constant stream of visitors who came to inquire and discuss business. Mr. Zhuo Lan, the General Manager of TRUCKRUN (referred to as Mr. Zhuo), took some time from his busy schedule to grant an interview to

Biketo: Hello, Mr. Zhuo! Thank you for taking the time to interview with us amidst your busy schedule. TRUCKRUN can be considered one of the outstanding emerging brands in the Chinese Ebike motor field. However, since the main Ebike market is currently in Europe and America, some people in China are not familiar with the TRUCKRUN brand. Could you give us a brief introduction?

Mr. Zhuo: Thank you for the interview, Biketo! TRUCKRUN was established in 2017 and is committed to creating more efficient, intelligent, and comfortable electric-assisted bicycle drive systems. TRUCKRUN was founded by experienced professionals in the Ebike industry and cycling enthusiasts. We pour all our passion into the design of each product and have achieved excellent results in motor development, intelligent riding, human-machine coordination, and other key core areas.

Biketo: Indeed, the TRUCKRUN representatives we have encountered are excellent, both professional and enthusiasts. Only by being so can you produce products that truly meet consumer needs.

Mr. Zhuo: Our core team members have been deeply involved in the bicycle industry for many years before entering the Ebike field. We even go mountain biking together on weekends.

Biketo: What are the product lines of TRUCKRUN's motor systems? What is the flagship product series?

Mr. Zhuo: Our drive systems cover five major application scenarios: fat tire, mountain, touring, urban, and road. Our motors focus on high power and lightweight design. The mid-drive motor M09, designed for fat tire bikes, can achieve a maximum torque of 220 Nm, which is industry-leading. On the other hand, our hub motor FN01 weighs only 1.8 kg and delivers a torque of 32 Nm, making it the lightest in weight for the same power. The efficiency of our motors on the market has also exceeded 80%, which is one of our key performance indicators.

Biketo: The performance is indeed impressive, especially with the high torque product, which is already far ahead in the industry. Besides motor products, as a drive system service provider, what exclusive core technologies does TRUCKRUN have?

Mr. Zhuo: First and foremost is our IoT system. We believe that Ebikes are not just a means of transportation but also a representation of the future lifestyle. For this reason, we have developed the Truckrun IoT Solution™. It connects bicycles, the app, drive units, control units, and displays through Bluetooth and cellular data networks, allowing riders to enjoy more riding pleasure. In addition to conventional functions, my personal favorite is the parameter adjustment feature. Once connected, we can adjust parameters according to our preferences, such as adjusting ride response speed, transmission assist ratio, and so on.

Biketo: This is a great feature for riders with personal preferences. I can't wait to customize my own bike.

Mr. Zhuo: Moreover, bike manufacturers can also provide upgrade services through it, such as OTA firmware updates for new products. They can open more stores in areas with higher popularity and launch promotional activities through message notifications for riders.

Biketo: The most important aspect of Ebike electric assist products is the "harmony between human and machine" riding experience.

Mr. Zhuo: Absolutely. The "harmony between human and machine" riding experience is at the core of TRUCKRUN's philosophy. We strive to create motor systems that seamlessly integrate with the rider's movements and intentions, providing a natural and intuitive riding experience.

One of our key technologies in achieving this harmony is the torque sensor. Our motor systems are equipped with advanced torque sensors that accurately detect the rider's pedaling force and provide assistance accordingly. This ensures a smooth and responsive power delivery, making the electric-assisted riding feel natural and comfortable.

Furthermore, we have invested significant efforts in developing intelligent control algorithms. These algorithms analyze various factors such as speed, cadence, and terrain conditions in real-time to optimize the assistance level provided by the motor. This not only enhances the efficiency of the motor system but also ensures a harmonious and efficient cooperation between the rider and the motor.

Biketo: Innovation is the essence of survival and development for technology companies. What innovative products will TRUCKRUN showcase at this China Expo?

Mr. Zhuo: In addition to the previously mentioned M09 motor with a powerful torque of 220N.m, we will also highlight the quick-release through-axle motor RN04 at this China Expo. It is lightweight, compact, with a speed range of 325-380, and highly responsive, making it suitable for urban commuting and road bikes. The quick-release functionality is also very practical. Additionally, we have an upgraded version of our classic mid-drive motor M01 called M03, which offers even faster response, a smoother riding experience, and quieter operation.

Biketo: TRUCKRUN has been expanding its production facilities and investing in production over the past few years. I noticed the company's latest beautifully crafted brochure, which showcases its rapid development in recent years. What is the significance of these actions for TRUCKRUN's future plans?

Mr. Zhuo: TRUCKRUN has always been focused on research and development, with R&D personnel accounting for 30% of our workforce. Our dedication to technology has laid a solid foundation and earned us a good reputation, but we recognize the need to strengthen our brand presence. Recently, we moved into a new factory area covering over 8,000 square meters, and multiple production lines are operating at full capacity. Soon, our official website will undergo a comprehensive upgrade, and we will establish a presence on major social media platforms to actively listen to consumers' feedback and engage in closer interactions with all the friends who care about and love intelligent eBike riding. We are committed to becoming a leading provider of high-end intelligent motor systems, delivering advanced and intelligent eBike drive systems to consumers.

"Motor drives everything." This is the mission of TRUCKRUN motors. Currently, our business covers over 40 countries and regions worldwide, spanning various fields such as top sports brands, high-end overseas brands, and ride-sharing platforms. In addition to eBike motors, TRUCKRUN is also expanding into categories such as electric motorcycles, electric boats, and robotics.

Biketo: In the past two years, there has been a surge of capital entering the eBike industry, and more competitors have emerged. TRUCKRUN, as an early developer of eBike motor systems, being an industry pioneer, what are your thoughts?

Mr. Zhuo: Competition leads to progress, and I think it's a good thing. eBikes are an emerging field, and the participation of more practitioners allows more people to recognize the advantages of eBikes. Having been in the cycling community for many years, I have witnessed a gradual change in people's attitudes toward "electric-assist" — from puzzlement to acceptance, and from acceptance to active participation. This indicates that eBikes indeed meet the needs of the general public. Recently, I even saw a sci-fi TV series called "Edge World," where the protagonist rides an eBike. It's cool to see such sci-fi concepts manifesting in reality. I recommend everyone to watch it. For TRUCKRUN, we are confident that with outstanding design and intelligent IoT systems, we will bring more competitive products to the market.

Biketo: Excellent! Thank you, Mr. Zhuo, for your detailed and patient answers. We hope TRUCKRUN's business will continue to thrive and reach new heights!

Note: This article is a translation of an original interview by Biketo, a popular bike media platform in China. The interview was first published on Biketo’s website. We are grateful to Biketo for allowing us to share this article with our global fans. If you want to read the original article in Chinese, you can visit this link.

TRUCKRUN's revolutionary solutions are reshaping the eBike industry and paving the way for a new era of sustainable mobility

An Interview with TRUCKRUN Motors: Focusing on Smart Riding, Making Sci-Fi a Reality

An Interview with TRUCKRUN Motors: Focusing on Smart Riding, Making Sci-Fi a Reality

An Interview with TRUCKRUN Motors: Focusing on Smart Riding, Making Sci-Fi a Reality

An Interview with TRUCKRUN Motors: Focusing on Smart Riding, Making Sci-Fi a Reality

An Interview with TRUCKRUN Motors: Focusing on Smart Riding, Making Sci-Fi a Reality

An Interview with TRUCKRUN Motors: Focusing on Smart Riding, Making Sci-Fi a Reality

An Interview with TRUCKRUN Motors: Focusing on Smart Riding, Making Sci-Fi a Reality

An Interview with TRUCKRUN Motors: Focusing on Smart Riding, Making Sci-Fi a Reality

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 TruckRun eBike Systems will exhibit at ChinaCycle2024

TruckRun eBike Systems will exhibit at ChinaCycle2024

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