Designed for riders who seek to conquer the mountains

When faced with steep slopes, rugged terrain, and thrilling turns, the TruckRun mountain drive system delivers powerful performance, making uphill climbs effortless and enabling swift acceleration after thrilling corners. With the TruckRun Intelligent Riding System (TruckRun IOT solution), your thoughts and needs on challenging mountain trails are keenly sensed, providing precise power support for a safer, more comfortable, and enjoyable riding experience.

Zenith Series: eBike Systems for Mountain Bike

Zenith Series M03 Edition

Zenith Series M09 Edition

Zenith Series RW28 Edition

Zenith Series M03 Edition

Compact and powerful, helping you focus on exploring unknown peaks. Equipped with the M03 mid-drive motor, it delivers strong power with a rated power of 350W-500W and a maximum torque of up to 140N.m. Optional ISIS shaft enhances its responsiveness. The display screen, CC08, is designed specifically for mountain bikes, featuring a compact size that avoids scraping against branches and rocks, a 1.96-inch TFT color screen, and functions such as type-C charging and Walk function.

Zenith Series M09 Edition

Specially designed for mountain enthusiasts, powerful and intelligent, a mountain legend. Equipped with the M09 mid-drive motor, it delivers strong power, with a rated power of 750W and a maximum torque of up to 150N.m. Optional ISIS shaft enhances its responsiveness. The M09 is highly efficient in heat dissipation, featuring streamlined wind resistance heat dissipation ribs, ensuring efficient heat dissipation and stable durability. The display screen, CC03, supports TRUCKRUN IOT SOLUTION, with a 3.5-inch central TFT color screen. It offers functions such as type-C charging, auto-sensing headlights, Walk function, Bluetooth function, and navigation mapping.

Zenith Series RW28 Edition

High-power hub MTB drive system. Equipped with the RW28 hub motor, with a rated power of 750W and a maximum torque of up to 70N.m. It can integrate the torque of the cassette, sensitively perceive the needs of the rider, and adjust the output power in a timely manner. The display screen is CB01-X, a 3.5-inch central LCD dot matrix screen. It features USB charging function, Auto Sensing headlights, Walk function, and more.

What are the advantages of eMTB compared to regular MTB?






Enhanced power assistance for effortless riding, especially on steep slopes and challenging terrains. The assistance reduces rider burden and provides higher climbing and acceleration capabilities.

Extended battery range enables riders to explore greater distances and expansive landscapes. Enjoy longer mountain adventures or extended bike trips without excessive fatigue or physical strain.

Suitable for riders of different skill levels. Beginners and individuals with lower physical fitness can benefit from the extra support, while experienced riders can enjoy increased speed and climbing abilities, making rides more exciting and enjoyable.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable mode of transportation. Compared to cars, eMTBs reduce reliance on fossil fuels, minimize emissions, and contribute to environmental preservation by reducing carbon footprint.

While providing power assistance, eMTBs still require riders to pedal. This turns riding into an aerobic exercise that enhances cardiovascular fitness, improves physical stamina, and promotes overall health. Additionally, riders can adjust the assistance levels based on personal needs, gradually increasing exercise intensity.

Why we choose the solution of
TruckRun Mountain eBike


SUPER PERFORMANCE: M09 MTB/All-Terrain | 750/1000/1200W | 5.8~6.0 kg | 150/200/220N.m


EXCELLENT UPGRADE: M03 City/Trekking/MTB | 250/350/500W | 3.3/3.6/3.8KG | 100/120/140N.m

for MTB: RW28

for MTB: RW28 MTB | 750W | 4.2KG | 70N.m

Classic: M01

Classic: M01 City/Road/Trekking | 250/350/500W | 3.3/3.6/3.8KG | 100/120/140N.m

These motors are ready to take on the challenge of conquering peaks.

Partner Success Stories: Why Choose TruckRun Ebike Systems


The TruckRun M09 motor deserves recognition, as our consumers have shown great love for it.



In this noisy city, bicycles have become a bridge between us and nature. TruckRun's RW11 motor with excellent performance and a good price for more people to enter the world of ebike.


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 TruckRun eBike Systems will exhibit at Eurobike2024

TruckRun eBike Systems will exhibit at Eurobike2024

July 3~7.2024 Messe Frankfurt GmbH Fair Ground E8.0 G06