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Truckrun successfully concluded the 2018 EUROBIKE, Germany

2018-7-11 2,274 48

From July 8th to 10th, the three-day 2018 EUROBIKE Show was held at the new exhibition center in Friedrichshafen, Germany. As a professional E-BIKE intelligent power system R&D enterprise, Truckrun was invited to participate in the exhibition, and showed the company’s R&D and innovation strength in the drive system during the exhibition.

Truckrun, pursuing the cycling experience, with the W+ product concept of ‘WHEELMAN”,“WISDOM”and ‘WONDERFUL’. Integrating products as an innovative means, combined with the characteristics of intelligence and cost-effectiveness, has received extensive attention in the European market.

During the exhibition, Truckrun focused on bringing the TM01 drive system to European consumers. The TM01 mid-drive system is the core product of the W+ series. Equipped with the M01 motor, by improving the mechanical properties of the product and the vector controller, coupled with the application of the torque sensor, the TM01 can more accurately and sensitively sense the riding speed and the needs of the scene, and grasp the supply of the auxiliary force, bringing the user a natural smooth cycling experience.

At the same time, Truckrun also realized the subversive combination of the rear hub motor and the torque sensor for the first time. Through the flexible sensing force, this motor can be more powerful and energy-saving for riding and provide customers with more drive options.