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Truckrun Motor authorized Anhui Merida as the first domestic agent

2019-1-23 4,614 48

On January 21, 2019, the Anhui Merida 2018 Distributors Annual Meeting was successfully held at the Hefei Baijin Hanjue Hotel. At the meeting, Wuxi Truckrun Motor Co., Ltd. and Anhui Merida General Agent Hefei Xinhaoda Trading Co., Ltd. held the authorization ceremony for the mid-mounted modified intelligent motor, and authorized xinhaoda Company to be the general agent of Truckrun Electric Machinery Anhui Province. Guo Chao, head of Truckrun’s domestic business unit, and Wang Xin, general manager of Xinyida, completed the authorization on both sides. Zhang Wenjie, general manager of Merida’s domestic sales headquarters, and Chen Liquan, deputy general manager, and other leaders and media from Hefei province witnessed this important moment.

As a dark horse in the field of bicycle driving in China, Truckrun Motor has received extensive attention in the industry since its establishment. Truckrun, which has been focusing on overseas markets before, is also optimistic about the development prospects of the domestic market, bringing new research and development of modified car mid-mounted smart motors. The new national standard for electric vehicles to be implemented in April this year is expected to promote the influence and popularity of electric assist riding in the domestic market. Can huge consumption potential bring a new round of development opportunities for the industry? This requires more companies to come up with good products to convince the market.