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Truckrun Mid Drive Motor Won the Innovation Award of “China cycle”

2019-5-10 6,336 48

From 6th to 9th May, the 4-day China International Bicycle Fair was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Wuxi Truckrun Motor Co.,Ltd.,to be a professional E-Bike drive system service provider participated in this exhibition.In this exhibition, Truckrun motor M02 mid-drive motor won the “China cycle 2019 Innovation Award” among thousands of exhibitors with its novel structure design and original technical application.

Truckrun M02 MID DRIVE  using the design concept of car engines ,the structure is more ingenious and confidential.An exclusive acceleration mechanism is designed by applying planetary deceleration mechanism and reversing the logic, which made the 80N.m torque can achieve the effect of 110N.m of ordinary motor.

Through a series of mechanical improvements, the size of the chainwheel can be controlled to a smaller size, so as to reduce the motor load and improve the service life.

The self-developed nano-scale torque sensor, using strain gauge technology, is more sensitive than the traditional inverse magnetostrictive shrinkage material, with a 35% increase in sensitivity and better assist power control.American GE exclusive production,the same technology level as GM.

The CHINA CYCLE Innovation Award is sponsored by China Bicycle Association, Organizing Committee of China International Bicycle Fair, and Shanghai Creative Industry Center.

The aim of the evaluation is to show the strength of bicycle manufacturing capability in China. It fully reflects the innovative ability of award-winning enterprises in product design, manufacturing process, application materials and other fields.